Foolproof security for Chehlum ordered

Karachi: Commissioner Karachi Syed Hashim Raza has asked to take foolproof security measure on the occasion of Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Husain RA on the line of security steps taken on Youm-e-Ashura, adding security arrangements be completed in consultation with district government, police, rangers and other law enforcement agencies.

He said this while addressing a meeting to review the security arrangements for the Chehlum in his office on Tuesday.

He said that the mourning processions would not be slowed down or stopped and no gap will be left in its security. He said that town administrations should cooperate in this regard and will stay in touch with Deputy Commissioners.

Syed Hashim Raza said that Police and Rangers have made separate security plans but coordination amongst city government, rangers, police and religious leaders would be ensured to maintain peace on the Chehlum day.

He said the routes of mourning processions would be cleaned and KESC has been informed to ensure no load shedding of electricity on the day.

Additional IG Police Karachi Range Muhammad Iqbal, Additional Commissioner Karachi Kamran Shamshad, Allama Abbas Kumaili, Allama Syed Furqan Hyder Abidi, Maulana Muhammad Hussain Masood, Maulana Jaffar Raza, Maulana Baqar Raza, Syed Waheedul Hassan, Syed Shabbir Raza, Mushtaq Naqvi, S Muhammad Mashhad Naqvi and others were present.

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