HEC Facilities 1193 PhDs Placement at Public Universities through IPFP Programme

Islamabad: Through Higher Education Commission’s Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Programme, 1193 Pakistani PhDs have been successfully placed as Assistant Professors at public sector and leading private sector universities across the country.

The placed scholars belong to diversified fields like Water Resource Management, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Animal Nutrition, Bio Chemistry, Nano Chemistry and Nano Catalysis, Plasma Physics, Supply Chain Management, Water Resource Engineering, Cell Biology, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Fish Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, High Energy Physics, Biomedical Textiles, Leadership, Culture & Social Preferences, Geophysics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Business Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Textiles and other disciplines.

These scholars have been initially employed for a period of one year on a handsome salary package. They may be hired on permanent basis on completion of their tenure through the normal selection process of the host institution.

HEC also offers these scholars a startup research grant of Rs. 0.5 million upon joining the host institutions. So far, the IPFP programme has processed around 1613 applications while 266 applicants are at the different stages of placement.

Commenting on the program, Dr. Javaid R. Laghari Chairperson HEC said that HEC is not only striving to provide opportunities to the aspiring scholars to pursue higher degrees, both at domestic and international levels but it has also devised the IPFP programme for facilitating the placement of these scholars at academic and research institutions.

This comes as a result of the visionary approach of HEC to ensure proper utilization of the manpower being trained in fields relevant to the socio-economic development of Pakistan through investments in the scholarship programmes.

HEC Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program is underlying two-pronged approach; primarily it provides the lucrative avenues of employment to the fresh PhD professionals and secondly it meets the faculty requirement of public and private sector universities / DAIs for ensuring quality teaching and research, which is one of the core strategic aims of HEC.

IPFP provides to all Pakistani fresh PhD graduates an opportunity to be placed as Assistant Professor on a tenure track system based Assistant Professor position for a maximum of one year period.

The qualified applicants are placed only in those universities which are ready to offer these professionals a fair chance of absorption on permanent posts through normal selection process within the one year contract period.

Further each IPFP awardee is also provided with a PKR 0.5 million start up research grant to initiate a feasible research project at his/her host university, immediately upon joining.

This on-going regular program is open to all fields. The placed scholars have found this programme quite useful and effective and termed the programme quite helpful in countering brain drain at the national level.

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