Inter-Provincial Coordination Committee meeting held

ISLAMABAD: The meeting of the inter-Provincial Coordination Committee was held here on Thursday. The meeting was chaired by Federal Minister for inter-Provincial Coordination Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani. Several Issues pertaining to the Federation and Provinces came under discussion. Restoration of Executive judiciary topped the agenda of the meeting. Speaking on the restoration of executive judiciary, the Chief Secretary Punjab Nasir Mehmood Khosa said, “The draft bill on restoration of executive judiciary should be expedited and that it is indispensable for effective price control”.

The other three Provinces agreed on the proposed draft and held that Section 143 of CrPC should be amended with the consent of the Provinces.

The Interior Ministry has forwarded the bill to Law & justice Division for vetting.

The ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination accorded full support to the proposal.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the implementation of Industrial Regulation Ordinance, 2011. Secretary Labour of Punjab presented the case and said that after the 18th Constitution Amendment, the subject rested with the provinces and that the Federation can no longer legislate on the aforementioned subject.

He further said that the Federal Government could legislate only for international treaties and agreements.

The Chairman of the Committee Federal Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani then decided to refer the issue to the Council of Common Interest (CCI).

Subsequently, supply of Opium, seized by Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA) to the Government’s Alkaloid Opium Factory, Lahore was also discussed.

The Chief Secretary Punjab said that the new Customs Regulation bans the supply of Opium and it provides for burning of the seized Opium.

He said that the FBR should have amended such regulation and that some amount of Opium should have been supplied to the Government of Punjab so that it

could keep manufacturing the medicine for drug addicts.

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