International Mother Languages Day observed in capital

Islamabad: Mother Tongue and Heritage for Education and Research MOTHER observed an International Mother Languages Day on Thursday. Language representatives, linguists, academicians and language activists from different regions of the country has gathered outside of the National Press Club NPC.

The languages being represented were Bhagri, Balochi, Balti, Bateri, Bhaya, Brahui, Burushaski, Chilisso, Dameli, Domaki, GawarBati, Dari, Gujrati, Gojri, Hindko, Kachchi, Gawri, Kalasha, Kalkoti, Kamveri, Kaashmiri, Kundal Shahi, Seraiki, Kethrani, Khowar, Indus Kohistani, Lasi, Marwari, Memoni, Od, Ormuri, PahariPothohari, Punjabi, Palula, Shina, Sindhi, Torwali, Pashto, Oshujo, Wakhi, Yidgha.

Members of MOTHER and speech communities held placards inscribed with names of their respective languages. This year’s theme of International Mother Languages Day was ‘Books for mother tongue education’, as was announced by UNESCO.

The members reiterated that it was the right of a child to get primary education in his/her mother tongue as enshrined in the United Nations resolutions on linguistic rights.

On the occasion language communities also demanded that all the 70 plus languages of the country be declared as national languages and they must be provided state support for their promotion and development.

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