Kashmir, Palestine solution linked to Muslim unity

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Kashmir, Palestine solution linked to Muslim unity

September 28, 2019

Lahore, September 28, 2019 (PPI-OT): The world leadership demonstrating a criminal silence on prevailing atrocities and blockade in Palestine and Kashmir, said religious leaders at “Unity of Ummah Ulema and Mashaykh Convention”. Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi chaired the conference. The participants of the Convention underlined that stability and security of Harmain Al Sharifain and burning issues of Kashmir and Palestine could only be settled with unity of Muslim world.

The Convention condemned Indian plot to make film on life of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) with objective to fan anarchy and violence. The Convention lauded decision of government to link registration of seminaries with Ministry of Education. The Convention resolved that Islamic sections of the Constitution of Pakistan relating Finality of Prophethood would not be annulled. Pakistan will not acknowledge existence of Israel at any cost. They stated that Kashmir and Palestine were burning issues of Muslim Ummah which could not be ignored. Pakistan is not isolated on Kashmir issue.

Tahir Ashrafi addressing the Convention stated that conspiracies were being hatched to create anarchy within Muslim world. He demanded the government ensure implementation of National Action Plan in letter and spirit. He said that 51 days had passed to the blockade of Kashmir and the world community had been demonstrating criminal silence on prevailing atrocities at oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine. On other side, oil facilities in Saudi Arabia are being targeted through drone strikes and Israeli Prime Minister threatening to annex Jordan Valley into Israel. The Muslim Ummah has left with no other option but to get united against the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

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