KESC appoints Tabish Gauhar as Chairman and Nayyer Hussain as CEO

KARACHI: KESC has announced its CEO Tabish Gauhar is taking over as the Chairman of KESC’s Board of Directors, Executive Director and Chief Distribution Officer Nayyer Hussain as CEO of KESC.

It was announced in a statement issued from KESC here on Tuesday. The statement said present chairman Waqar H Siddique, who chaired the board of directors for four years, handed over the charge to the newly appointed chairman after the board meeting held yesterday in Karachi.

Nayyer Hussain, who is currently serving as an Executive Director and Chief Distribution Officer since 2010, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The statement said the move ensures continuation of sharp focus and fast paced development in major strategic undertakings as well as continuous operational improvements across KESC’s core functions.

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