KWSB health workers get safety equipments

KARACHI: Health Workers of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB have been supplied with gas masks, briefing masks, life jackets and other safety equipments to ensure the safety of health workers during cleaning of trunk sewers, sewerage lines and gutters.

Chief engineers have been directed to ensure that all health workers take necessary safety precautions.

Managing Director KWSB Misbahuddin Farid chaired a meeting in this regard. Deputy managing director Technical Services, chief engineer Electrical and Mechanical, all zonal chief engineers and concerned officers were present in the meeting. During the meeting he directed zonal chief engineers to ensure that health workers take necessary safety precautions before going down in the lines for cleaning.

Health workers often go down in the lines without safety equipment or precautions putting their lives at risk. They ignore the poisonous gases in the lines that if not damage right away leave their long term affects, he added.

Directing zonal chief engineers to ensure that their subordinate health workers use necessary precautions and equipment during the cleaning of trunks sewers, sewerage lines or gutters, he said that in case of any accidents, concerned chief engineer would be responsible.

During the meeting chief engineer West briefed that relevant staff had been strictly directed to follow the safety protocol. Moreover, they have been briefed about the use of oxygen mask and briefing masks, which keep them safe for over an hour.

Furthermore, during the cleaning heavy machinery is used whereas, health workers only go down the line or sewer if the machinery cannot reach the line.

Expressing his concerns about the safety of health workers, MD KWSB stated that health workers are an important part of the institution who ensure swift sewerage facilities in the city.

They often go down in sewers to clean the places where machinery cannot reach, which is very dangerous without safety precautions. Therefore all safety precautions must be ensured before the health workers go down in the lines.

Similarly, open manholes not only cause accidents but also damage the environment and pose danger to public health. He directed that all uncovered manholes in the city must immediately be covered and all damaged covers must be repaired to ensure public safety.

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