KWSB to install hidden cameras for monitoring hydrants

Karachi: In order to implement the policy about government-run hydrants, hidden cameras would be installed and water distribution record would be computerized, said Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) Misbahuddin Farid.
The hidden cameras would not only record water tankers’ plate numbers but would the date, time of their arrival and departure as well. KW&SB is formulating and adopting new policies and procedures to increase the revenue. Complimentary (Gratis/Free) Tanker Service has already been discontinued in this regard. In order to meet the increasing water demand and to ensure swift provision of supply facilities in future it is necessary to increase financial resources of the department.

Misbahuddin Farid said that the decision to install cameras on hydrants and maintain computerized record has been made to stop illegitimacy and improve KW&SB revenue. Directing to maintain computerized record of tanker dispatch he hoped that with the implementation of the new system KW&SB revenue would be increased and procedures would be crystal clear.

M.D KW&SB directed the Chief Engineer and concerned staff to ensure that Boosters or any other high power pumps, which may cause disruption in the regular supply in the surrounding areas, are not used on any Government Hydrants. He directed that a single policy must be implemented on all hydrants.

Later on M.D KW&SB conducted unannounced inspection visits to S.I.T.E Hydrant, Sakhi Hassan Hydrant and other hydrants of the city. He inspected the operations, records and operation timings. He directed the hydrant in-charges to strictly follow procedure and maintain proper record.

He said that all Government Hydrants would only operate for 8 hours and strict action would be taken if the schedule is not maintained. Moreover, he said that hydrants are not allowed to used boosters or high power pumps since these machines disrupt the regular water supply in the surrounding areas. Strict action would be taken against any hydrant found using these machines to ensure swift water supply in the surrounding areas as per their schedules.
In this regard, M.D KW&SB recently directed the RRG department to ensure on time billing and addition of new consumers on the Tax Network to increase the revenue. He also directed other departments to do efforts with the help of RRG department. He also requested Government Offices, Semi-Government Offices, Private Offices and citizens to pay their water bills on time so that KW&SB can ensure better provision of facilities.

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