Land mafia activities distress KWSB chief

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid has expressed his distress over the attempts of illegal possession on KW&SB land allocated for K4, SIII project and other important projects.

In a letter to SSP East Malir Rao Anwar he stated that Land Mafia people are constantly attempting to grab precious KWSB lands on gun point, harassment and illegal papers on the basis of Gothabad Scheme.

Moreover, such groups take shelter under different groups to illegally occupy KW&SB land. Citizens of Karachi would face severe consequences if the goons of such mafia are not stopped since the lands if occupied would seriously damage the development of important and vital projects such as K4, SIII.

M.D KW&SB pointing to Land Mafia attempts on 535 acres of land including 420 acres at North East Old Filter Plant site stated that the land is owned by KW&SB. Moreover, all these lands around the KW&SB installations have been allocated for development projects vital for the water supply and sewerage system of the city. Provision of these facilities to a metropolis of more than 20 million requires constant update which is why the development plays an essential role.

He said that when KW&SB staff tries to stop land mafia goons at their own they are often harassed on gun point up on which they only have but one option that is to report such issues to the concerned police station so that the goons be dealt with and KW&SB staff is provided some protection.

He requested S.S.P Malir to carry out an Anti-Encroachment Drive in order to ensure that all KW&SB lands are cleared of the Land Mafia possessions.

He requested him to schedule the new date of operation with Deputy Managing Director Technical Services Ali Mohammad Palejo who would prove with necessary machinery and manpower for the operation.

Higher Officials of Government of Sindh are also informed about the request through a copy of the letter. In this regard, M.D KW&SB also directed President North East Cooperative Housing Society Khalid Sultan to collaborate with KW&SB and Police in order to demolish the illegal boundary wall built by Land Mafia within two days.

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