No transparent polls without fair delimitations

Karachi: The dream of free and fair local government elections in Pakistan would turn sour if serious steps are not taken to ensure transparent delimitations and in this regard an impartial forum should be urgently set up under honest officials, demanded Pasban Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Tuesday.

In a statement, he said an unbiased platform is a must to ensure that the delimitations are free and fair without the influence of ruling parties and politicians. These forums should be run under honest officials enjoying good reputation and with a proper representation of civil society and retired judges. This representation would not only deter the political influence of the ruling quarters but also restore the confidence of voters and candidates on the electoral process.

Pasban leader said after the verdict of the Sindh High Court (SHC) regarding the amendment in local bodies’ law, the expenses of printing of new ballot papers should be recovered from those who took this wrong decision. He said the PPP government in Sindh had engineered these amendments to befool people and misguide the courts. H said the PPP government is not in favour of devolution of powers to lower level and it wants to continue misuse of development funds through its ministers and officials. He said free and fair local government elections are must for ending this corruption and ensuring proper use of the funds for development of masses at the grassroots level.

He said the tactics to delay the local government elections is the conspiracy to block the way of new alternate leadership and a real and sustainable change through them. He, however, said that despite these foul plays of traditional political parties based on dynasties and feudal and capitalist mindset, Pakistan is waiting for a new brave alternate leadership that would emerge in the coming local government elections. He announced that Pasban will take part in local bodies’ elections for the first time and focus on the problems being faced by common man in their daily lives.

He said it is the duty of politicians and political parties to educate the masses. Political awareness in society will eventually safeguard democracy. He said Pakistan is awaiting a real change and the local government polls would provide this opportunity to change the socio-political scenario of Pakistan for good.

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