Pakistan biggest market of Afghan fruits

Kabul: Afghanistan as one of world’s agriculture countries retains unique place in fruit production sector and today Kandahar pomegranates dominate on global fruit markets as officials in southern Kandahar province reported that so far nearly $17.5 million have been earned from the pomegranate export this year.

Pakistan is the biggest market for Afghan fruits and the neighbouring country maintains moral obligation to accomplish its bilateral trade commitments in letter in sprit to facilitate the traders transfer their merchandize easily without facing hurdles.

Commenting on the growth of pomegranate export, engineer Abdul Baqi deputy of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries said that fortunately pomegranate production increased to at least 30 thousand tonnes this year in southern Kandahar province. Most of this unique fruit is exported to neighbouring Pakistan and onward to the international markets. Costing $5.2 million, nearly 4696 tones pomegranates were exported to Dubai, Russia and India after standard packaging.

During the previous year, southern Kandahar province enjoyed better security situations and the success laid positive impacts on agriculture sector and peaceful environment facilitated local farmers to harvest better crops and obtain satisfactory incomes from the exports, said deputy of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries engineer Abdul Baqi.

Meanwhile, fresh fruit association export chairman Muhammad Akram said air export is quite expensive to the local Afghan farmers and expressed concern over land routes due to technical difficulties faced by them and added that these problems lay negative impacts on better quality of the fruit products as neighbouring Pakistan has always created barriers at India-Pakistan Wagah border.

Local pomegranate dealer in southern Kandahar province Hajji Akhtar said the production of fruit in the country this year is remarkable and told that each seven kg pomegranate pack is sold from 200 to 400 Afghani.

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