PALPA greets NA body statement

Karachi: President Pakistan Airlines Pilots’ Association PALPA Capt. Suhail Baloch has welcomed the statement of National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence, in which the lawmakers asked the PIA management to review its decision regarding sacking of senior, experienced pilots.

In a statement from PALPA headquarter, Capt. Suhail Baloch said “these senior pilots, having vast experience and thousands of flying hours are an asset for the national airlines”, he said. “We should take care of our assets instead of losing them after huge investment by airline on their training and grooming”, he added.

He said these senior pilots have professional license from Civil Aviation Authority CAA and have unmatched professional skills which is far valuable than a degree besides, PIA, which is already short of flying crew, has invested huge amount on the professional training throughout their employment.

A pilot becomes truly expensive commodity when he/she acquired command of an aircraft, by then the airline has spent at least Rs. 3.5 to 4 crores on trainings and grooming. After such a tedious process the pilot gets certified to fly a Boeing777.

Ironically we are giving away this asset built over years to other airlines which are not bothered what kind of objection he or she has on his intermediate or matric certificates acquired years ago. In the field of flying what matters most is the flying license acquisition and subsequent trainings.

In case if the management/authorities want to punish the said pilots they will be rightfully doing so and PALPA fully supports the management in such a case but the punishment should not be dismissal as the dismissal would punish the airline only, as it will have to reinvest in new HR and wait for years to have such experienced pilots again while the sacked pilots will immediately get jobs in foreign airlines.

He expressed his hope that the management of PIA will review its decision as per the recommendations of the members of National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence and these senior pilots would not be sacked. There has been a precedence whereby 03 pilots and other employees have submitted the correct certificates/degree and have rejoined the airline.

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