Peace necessary for boost trade, industry: DG Rangers

Hyderabad, Sindh: Major General Rizwan Akhtar, Director General Pakistan Rangers Sindh while addressing business and industrial community here said that the Rangers were aware that law and order situation in Karachi was adversely affecting the national economy.

He said that they are aware of the fact that peaceful conditions were necessary for the improvement of business and industry which were necessary for generation of more jobs, alleviation of poverty and strengthening of the economy of the country.

He said that even if the culprits are caught red handed by the Rangers, they are freed on the orders of honourable courts due to lack of strong evidences against them. Such situation becomes frustrating even for Rangers in addition to peaceful citizens.

He said the Rangers had clear orders from the honourable courts that the culprits cannot remain in custody of Rangers for more than 24 hours. If such legislation is framed by the assemblies authorizing Rangers to retain culprits for 7 to 10 days for further interrogation the situation could improve.

He further said that whatever we have sown in the past we are reaping the same now. If we cannot speak truth now it would be difficult to improve the situation. He said unusual situation needs unusual arrangements.

However, he assured the business and industrial community from Hyderabad and Kotri that the Rangers were with them as for as law and order situation is concerned. He also asked Brig. Shahid Saeed for coordination and having liaison with HCCI in the larger interest of the public.

Before this the President Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mr. Gohar Ullah in his welcome address said that the people in general and business community in particular are proud of him as he was an honest, hard working and devoted person hence does not require any formal introduction.

He said that Pakistan Rangers along with guarding the borders of the country from external enemies also work towards elimination of internal enemies / terrorists from the country. Terrorism poses threat to the country by damaging, life and property of the people.

He said that the business activities flourish only under peaceful circumstances. Thus the business and industrial community look towards their organization for peaceful law and order situation in this area. He in his address further said that the law and order situation has direct impact on the betterment of trade and industry. If the law and order situation in the area is peaceful, the business and industrial activities will improve, resulting in alleviation of poverty from the area.

He also informed him that various Ambassadors and Consul Generals from all over the world come to visit Hyderabad chamber in addition to Federal and Provincial Ministers and different Government dignitaries come to Hyderabad Chamber to have an exchange of views for promotion of business activities and solve the problems of business community of this area. He further said that they have high hopes in you and the Rangers Commander at Hyderabad as for as maintenance of law and order was concerned. There was great potential of foreign investment in this area but because of law and order problems the Foreign Investors are afraid of their investment.

He requested and said that to improve the coordination and liaison between the Rangers and Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a Liaison Committee be formed to give protection to investors of this area. However, the meeting was attended by large number of members from business and industrial community is addition to officers from Rangers Sindh Pakistan.

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