People suffer as SITE road goes neglected

Karachi: Hundreds of thousands of motorists and commuters have been suffering for years due to dilapidated conditions of an important road linking SITE flyover to Banaras Chowrangi.

Presently, this road is reduced to virtually a muddy track with gutter water flowing on broken road, causing frequent traffic jams. Heavy vehicles particularly load trucks also extensively use this road, further complicating the traffic jam issue. Factories and thickly populated slum areas are situated along this road and factory workers and citizens equally suffer due to its dilapidated condition.

It is learnt that the project to reconstruct this road has already been approved, but awaits implementation as some vested interests are not ready to prioritize this issue as voters of the area are considered inclined to certain political parties due to their ethnic background. However, this important road is used for a large number of motorists and commuters as its links SITE, Pak Colony, Nazimabad, Old Golimar, Shershah and Mauripur Gulbai areas to Orangi and North Nazimabad.

Citizens have demanded of the government to give a serious focus to start work on this lingering project at the earliest.

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