PM Govt strives to impart quality education, PM

Islamabad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has said government strives to impart quality education to make our economy stronger. Inaugurating O and A level classes at a college in Islamabad on Thursday he said the advanced countries economy is dependant on the education.

He urged for full focus towards seeking technology and said in this connection all policies should be framed while keeping in mind our available resources.

He said our nation can achieve success if we improve our health and education sectors which are the key to the students mental, physical and intellectual levels.

He said now we have challenges which in fact have opportunities for the nation and we must transform our traditional educational systems with the new knowledge based.

Prime Minister announced establishment of a computer centre, one million rupees for library and provision of yellow buses for students.

The Prime Minister compliment CA&D for encouraging the educational institutions of Islamabad to take a lead to move towards modern education.

He said earlier today he inaugurated state of the art Cardiac and Organ Transplant Centres at PIMS. With the operationalization of these Centres, the people of Islamabad would have access to better and improved health services.

He said in today’s world, nations can progress and achieve socioeconomic development if investments are made in the sectors of health and education, which are a key to their mental, physical and intellectual wellbeing.

He said we are living in a world, which is undergoing transformation.

The process of globalization has accelerated this pace of transformation and presented new challenges as well as opportunities. The shifts are taking place in global economic and political structures. The buzzword in today’s world is knowledgebased economies.

He said knowledge has come to be identified as a factor of production and an engine of socioeconomic development. The balance of power is slowly but steadily shifting towards Asia.

Raja Pervez Ashraf said Pakistan has a unique geostrategic location being the gateway into resource rich Central Asia and a regional trade corridor.

He said we are blessed with immense natural and human resources. In order to leverage these advantages, we need to promote education. He said investment in human resource development is not a privilege but an imperative if we have to achieve a respectable place in the comity of nations.

He called for prioritization of educational needs. We need to depart from traditional and general education. Our focus must now be on science, engineering and technology.

He strongly recommend a liaison between markets and educational institutions to produce requisite workforce to meets the demands of industry.

He said my faith in students capabilities stems from the excellent performance of young sons and daughters which he had seen among many a Malala Yousafzai, Ali Moeen Nawazish, Irfa Karim, Shahid Ibrahim and many others.

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