PMLN MNA speaks

QUETTA: Central Vice President PMLN MNA Sardar Yaqoob Nassar has said that people of Pakistan can no longer tolerate illegal experiences in the shape fo Tahirul Qadri nor want elections delayed. PPP Government must announce fresh polls instead of sticking to power.

If PMLN was voted to power, it would not carry out experiences of forgiveness but take possible steps for ending people’s reservations.

Speaking to a group fo Journalists here Saturday Sardar Nassar said PPP made promises with the people in the province in every era but opted for power and operation later. It resulted in further increase in reservations of people.

He said PMLN is the party which tried to resolve small and big issues in smaller provinces including Balochistan in its period. It we got an opportunity instead of experience of forgiveness we would do our best to resolve people of the province and take steps according to their aspirations for removing their reservations.

Yaqoob Nassar said country is confuted with various problems. People’s Party was paying attention on personal interests rather than country’s interests. It is not only detrimental not only for the country but a conspiracy for dismembering the country. It was staging drams in the face of Tahirul Qadri to delay elections for prolonging its rule. He said such illegal said people cannot tolerate such unconstitutional steps. So PPP should immediately announce elections in the country and go to the people again.

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