Poll (Pakistanis rising on the global ladder of Economic Hope, Survey)

Islamabad: A global poll released on the eve of new year conveys a hopeful message that economic gloom is subsiding world-wide and hopes about the economy have risen from -2% to 7%, a rise of 9% points from a year ago.

The gloomy trend in West Europe appears to have been arrested while North America is slightly less gloomy than it was. There is a notable upsurge of economic hope in China and India.

The global survey was carried out by the world’s largest independent network of opinion pollsters, WIN-Gallup International in 54 countries, among more than 55,817 men and women, covering vast majority of world population. The network has conducted this annual poll for 35 years since 1977.

A key question in the global survey asked: Compared to this year, in your opinion, will next year be a year of economic prosperity, economic difficulty or remain the same? According to the WIN-Gallup International global barometer of hope and happiness, 35% of the world is hopeful about economic prospects in 2013, while 28% expect it to be worse than the year which is just ending; 29% expect no change from previous year while 8% were unable to give an answer.

Pakistanis are rising on the global ladder of hope. Compared to a year ago, Net hope rises by 17 percentage points from last year. Among those interviewed here, 32% of Pakistanis are hopeful about economy, 27% believe it will be of economic difficulty while 30% believe this year will be the same as last year. However, 12% did not give a view.

Global economic hope was 2% on new year eve in 2010; it declined to -2% in 2011 but has risen notably to 7% in 2012. The positive change is mainly due to resurgence of hope in India and China.

At the same time the gloom in Western Europe has been arrested and slightly declined from -46% a year ago to -48% at this year end. In North America it has improved from -25% to -12%.

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