Poultry meat prices shoot up to Rs310 per kg

Pingrio, Sind: Poultry meat prices have shoot up to Rs 310 per kg from Rs230 per kg in Pingrio and several other parts of Sindh due to nexus of poultry farm control shed owners and wholesale dealers.

The owners of thousands of closed small poultry farms in Badin and Thatta district have termed the rise in the meat prices as a conspiracy hatched by influential poultry business tycoons.

They said that control shed farm owners and wholesalers are minting illegal money by getting closed the small poultry farms in Pingrio, Badin, Thatta and other cities of Sindh.

Owing to such illegal practices, the price of poultry meat have soared to Rs310kg, as a result, the poor people could not afford to purchase it.

Sources said that the control shed farm owners and wholesalers have devised such policies which caused crippling financial crises among small poultry farms.

“These people have also got control over poultry market and raised the poultry meat prices as per their will. These people are involved in black-marketing ,” they said.

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