PRGMEA chairman concerned over blame on whole textile industry

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PRGMEA) said on Wednesday that the whole textile industry is very disappointed over the news item accusing the whole textile industry of fraud and misuse on the issue of sales tax zero-rating regime.

In a statement, the chairman said that the whole nation knows where the root cause of corruption in this country lies and this is not the way to handle sensitive matters.

“Associations are made so that such issues can be resolved through the consultation process.” FBR should have, at least, taken concerned associations on board before going to the media with these issues.”

He said that the entire industry knows that for the past couple of years, the bureaucracy wanted to finish the zero rating system and revert to the old system of collecting massive sales tax amounts and then refund it to the exporters and open the doors for massive corruption again.

It is the desire of FBR that all the working capital of small and large companies should be tied up in refunds so that the owners keep marching in and out FBR doors, the chairman PRGMEA.

He said that entire textile industry is united to thwart this effort from the vested interests and would not allow this to happen. The chairman FBR should convene a roundtable with all the concerned associations so that this issue can be discussed and appropriate action plan prepared to solve this problem amicably.

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