Public transport facilities demanded for Karachiites

Karachi: Karachi, one of the biggest cities of the world, is the most neglected urban centre regarding public transport facilities and the government should take urgent notice of the situation and provide Karachiites adequate commuting facilities, demanded Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chapter here Friday.

JI leaders Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, Laeeq Ahmed Khan, Nasrullah Khan Shajih, Hameedullah Khan Advocate and Yunus Barai in a joint statement expressed deep concern over acute shortage of public transport buses in the city and growing incidents of arson faced by a few public transporters who ply old buses and vans on the city roads.

They urged the government to ensure steps towards giving better commuting facilities to Karachiites. They regretted that the government has failed to provide security to private transporters, adding the incidents of firing on passenger buses and setting them on fire are on the rise. They asked the government to take strict action against miscreants involved in these heinous crimes.

The Sindh government during their 5-year tenure has not introduced a signal project of public transport for the convenience of the masses, they charged.
They said a particular group introduced arson of minibuses and vehicles during their strikes in Karachi and now this criminal act has become a trend in the city.
“The people of the city are facing acute shortage of public transport buses and the elderly people, women, students and office goers have to wait for hours at bus stops.”

The JI leaders said Karachi, a city of more than 20million of people, have only a few thousand buses, a glaring proof of the commitment of government to solve the civic issues of people.

They claimed some 2000 four wheelers were snatched in the month of January 2013 from different areas of the city, besides 1879 motorcycles. They said dozens of car theft groups are active in the city and with the covert help of police they the snatched vehicles are being shifted other cities and provinces of the country.

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