Raja urges people to use their power of vote judiciously

Islamabad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has urged the people to cast their votes judiciously in the forthcoming general elections as the destiny of the nation rests in their hands.

He was addressing a delegation of people from Kala Dhaka who met him at the Prime Minister House on Thursday. The Prime Minister said that if they choose the right representatives and vote according to your conscience, then those elected will take decisions in the interest of the country.

He urged them not to be swayed by propaganda but carry out your own investigation and apply your mind before you choose to cast your vote.

The Prime Minister said that the common man of Pakistan is dignified, patriotic and sacrifice a lot for the cause of the country.

The Prime Minister said that he belonged to the middle class and could relate with the problems of the common man in a better way. It is, he said, because of the trust the party leadership had shown in the workers of the party.

“Today I am the Prime Minister of the country and all of you are present at the Prime Minister House due to the belief of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the common man of Pakistan,” the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan has four weathers, highest mountains in the world, mighty rivers and immense natural and human resources.

Now it is, he said, our responsibility to protect the independence our forefathers won for us by closing our ranks and shunning all divisions.

Prime Minister said that it is due to power of ballot and democracy that an ordinary person is the Prime Minister of the country and all of you are in the Prime Minister’s House.

Pakistan belongs to all of us and we have to work for strengthening the democratic system in the country. The doors of the Prime Minister’s House have been opened for you because your elected representatives are sitting here. These things have been unheard of during dictatorial regimes.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) is committed to work for strengthening of the Parliament and wellbeing of the people of Pakistan. This is our common destiny and we should all work towards it.

Those who attended the meeting included Maula Baksh Chandio, Minister for Political Affairs, Mr. Laiq Muhammad Khan MNA, Sardar Mushtaq Khan MNA and other notables of the area.

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