Routine life standstill in fear stricken Karachi

Karachi: The routine life remained standstill in fear stricken Karachi on Saturday after organized gangs of armed men opened firing in different areas of the city last night and gave shopkeepers warning to close their markets within half an hour. Though no political party ostensibly gave the strike call but the mega city of 20millin population went shut within two hours.

On Saturday, all markets in the city remained closed and public transport off roads. Petrol pumps and CNG stations were closed causing great hardships for people. Karachi Bar Association postponed its annual elections due to the tense situation in the city. Karachi University also postponed a paper of BA Part-II scheduled on Saturday.

The whole city remained in grip of fear. People were even afraid to utter the names and political affiliation of the armed men who opened firing and forced shopkeepers close their markets last night. The government, law enforcing agencies and political parties did not tell people who was behind the unannounced strike in the city.

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