Rule of law demands recovery of missing people

Karachi: Defense of Human Rights Pakistan DOHR here Thursday said that the rule of law and supremacy of constitutions demands safe recovery of all missing people, saying if the government institutions remained to feel them above the law anarchy and chaos would surely grip Pakistan.

DOHR staged a one-day camp in front of Karachi Press Club KPC where family members of the missing people staged sit-in and demanded early and safe recovery of their near and dear ones. A large number of women and children were present at the camp which was attended by leaders of political parties and civil society.

Noted human rights activist of Pakistan and chairperson of DOHR, Amina Masood Janjua, in her telephonic address said the unresolved issue of missing people is a blemish on the face of Pakistani society. She said the supremacy of the constitution and rule of law is unthinkable without ensuring safe recovery of all the missing people. She warned that the active involvement of state institutions in this illegal act would further spread lawlessness and anarchy in Pakistan.

She claimed that the process of whisking away innocent people by state institutions is still continue and thousands of people are missing while the record of hundreds of them already present in courts. She said due to the efforts of judiciary hundreds of the missing people have been recovered. However, she said many families of the missing people prefer keeping a mum due to the fear of agencies. She said if the courts press even hard the remaining missing people could be recovered.

Janjua said in order to prove loyalty to the United States of America, our rulers have opted animosity to their own citizens. She regretted that despite this sorry show of spinelessness the US does not rely on these rulers. She said dictator Musharraf sold Pakistani daughters like Dr Aafia Siddiqui befooling the nation that it would bring prosperity to the nation. However, the country fell into further depths of poverty and misery. She said it the agenda of external forces to pitch the Pakistani security institutions against their own people, to get proved Pakistan as a failed state. She regretted that patriotic tribal Pakistanis who defended the national frontiers for 60 years are today facing the wrath in their own country.

Aafia Movement chief, Dr Fowzia Siddiqui said when innocent citizens are not safe in their own country the feeling of insecurity in society is a sure result. He said the articles 9 to 20 of the Constitution of Pakistan are for safeguarding the rights of citizens, women and children, but the mighty elements show disregard to these constitutional provisions and kidnap innocent men, women and children. She said the minor son of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Salman, is still missing. She said the investigation officers deliberately slow down the process of recovery of the missing persons. She said often the process of these probe teams are limited to just paper work. She appealed the courts to ensure swift probe and practical efforts.

HODR Karachi Coordinator Muhammad Hussain Baloch said one of his cousins was freed after nine years, while two other persons are still missing.

HODR deputy coordinator Mrs Asim Ameen said he husband Engineer Asim Amin has been missing since last December. She said their three years old daughter is a Thalassaemia patient and need blood transfusion every month.

Mrs Ajmal Waheed said his husband, a schoolteacher, was whisked away from Karachi airport and his crime was that he had filed a case against missing of his brother Osama and the court had ordered the release of Osama.

Family members of other missing people also spoke and demanded early and safe recovery of their near and dear ones.

Mohammad Hussain Mehnati of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mufti Usmanyar Khan of JUIS, Aslam Ghouri of JUIF, Ms Zain Rafi of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and other leaders visited the camp and participated in the sit-in as show of solidarity.

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