SC directs Balochistan govt to submit comprehensive report over Quetta carnage

ISLAMABAD: A three member Supreme Court bench on Tuesday directed the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Inspector General Frontier Corps FC, and Inspector General Police of Balochistan province to submit a comprehensive report till March 06 over the Kirani road incident, in which over 90 people of Hazara community were killed.

The court rejected a report submitted by the Balochistan government over the Quetta carnage terming it dissatisfactory. The chief justice noted that despite reservations of Hazara community, no steps were taken.

He said if steps were not taken, such incidents could spread to other cities as well. Additional Advocate General Balochistan presented before the court a report over the Kirani road carnage, which the court rejected.

The report stated that a chemical used in fertilizers was being used in explosions. It said security of the Hazara community had been enhanced, besides a decision had been made to block all the ways leading to Hazara town.

“Do you want to isolate the Hazara town”, the chief justice asked, adding that an affirmative solution of the matter should be devised. He said still no arrangements were made to avert such incidents. He said now the matter would have to grip over from the roots.

Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan said that after the brutal killings of Hazara community, now people of Ehle Sunnat wal Jamaat were also complaining. He said protecting the people was the responsibility of the government.

The chief justice noted that the amount of compensation being paid to the legal heirs of the deceased was also just like a token.

He said long lasting steps were needed to be taken to overcome the untoward incidents. He admonished the Additional Advocate General over killing of some accused without trial. “Do you live in jungle, where you kill the accused without trial”, the chief justice asked.

Allama Abbas Kumaili told the court that assassination of Shia community was continued in the province since 1993, however no suspect was arrested since then and if anyone was arrested, he was released soon.

MNA Nasir Ali Shah told the court that attempts were being made to spread sectarianism in the province. He suggested the court to constitute a security board consisting of Home Secretary, Corps Commander, Frontier Corps FC Commandant and heads of police and intelligence agencies.

The court noted that the Balochistan government still could not reach to the bottom of terrorist activities and directed the provincial government to arrest the accused involved in the Quetta carnages and pay amount of compensation to the legal heirs of the deceased. The court also directed that the wounded people of the incident be given best treatment facilities.

The court held that in future it would hear the Quetta carnage case with the Balochistan unrest case and adjourned the hearing till March 06.

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