SCCI opposes decision of FBR on imports, exports policy

Sialkot: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry SCCI President Sheikh Abdul Majid has opposed Federal Board of Revenue FBR decision to take away all key imports/exports related powers of Collectors of Customs like export authorizations, approvals, reduced duty rate notifications and regulating/monitoring of all concessionary and duty remission export schemes from all Model Customs Collectorates MCCs to Input Output Coefficient Organization IOCO Karachi.

Sheikh Abdul Majid said in a statement issued here on Thursday. He lamented the fact that such atrocious act took place without consultation of Model Customs Collectorates, Chief Collectors of Customs, export associations, trade bodies and other stakeholders eventually enhancing IOCO powers.

He exclaimed that In case of issuance of this notification, imports and exports related powers of the Collectors of Customs would be drastically curtailed giving extraordinary powers to the IOCO Karachi which will be detrimental for already depleted industry courtesy electricity shortage and fragile state of security in the country.

He maintained by provision of such illogical notification thousands of exporters across the country would be restricted to physically go to Karachi for taking all imports/exports related approval, Duty and Tax Remission for Export scheme and concessionary and duty remission export schemes.

SCCI President revealed that the businessmen of Sialkot will immensely be affected by such horrendous act because of the fact that it is an export based city and it will be a nightmare for them to travel continuously to Karachi frequently.

Sheikh Abdul Majid, President, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry categorically demanded from the concerned authorities to take back the said ruling to further facilitate the already ailing export churning industry of Pakistan.

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