SDPI to hold seminar on “Non Traditional Security Threats’

Islamabad: The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) will hold a seminar under titled “Non-Traditional Security Threats: Global Governance System to Combat the Challenges” on February 18th.

Ambassador (Retd) Akram Zaki, Former Senator and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs will chair the seminar. Special comments would deliver Ambassador (Retd) Shafqat Kakakhel, Former UN Assistant Secretary General and Member Board of Governors, SDPI. The other speakers of the seminar included Mr Shakeel Ahmad Ramay, Senior Research Associate, Climate Change Study Center, SDPI.

Debate on non-traditional security (NTS) has its roots way back in 1960s and 1970s, when different scholars, institutions and organizations started to mention NTST. It is really hard to count the definite number of non-traditional security threats, as the concept is still evolving. However, the discourse on NTS had identified few areas of concern in the realm of NTS e.g. environment degradation, bad governance, weak political systems, energy, economic, social, scarcity (food, energy, water etc). On top of all the climate change is recognized by literature, experts, policy makers, civil society and military personals as threat multiplier factor to all above mentioned areas of NTS.

Regrettably, there is lack of global institutions with clear mandate and scope of work to tackle the issues of non-traditional security threats. A number of institutions are working on different elements of NTST but very limited work is done with the lenses of potential security threats. The objective of this seminar is to identify of right set of instruments and institutions for developing a good global governance system to combat the emerging threat of non-traditional security threats. We believe that a good set of institutions, systems, policies and right interventions at global level will facilitate the process to address NTST at all levels.

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