Security Plan for Chehlum of Karbala Martyrs: Volunteers not to be allowed to control traffic

Karachi: The Karachi police have devised a security plan for maintaining peace on the eve of Chehlum of martyrs of Karbala to be observed on January 02, 2013. Under the plan city has been divided into various security zones, each headed by an officer of SP rank. Each of security zone has further been divided in subsectors with SDPOs as heads.

Under the security plan, all the SDPOs and SHOs would be responsible to ensure implementation of orders. They will inform the police personnel deployed at closed streets leading to main routes of procession, about their responsibilities.

The SHOs of respective areas would deploy the personnel in plain clothes for collecting advance intelligence reports and immediately inform the senior officers in case they receive any report of subversion plan.

The SPs and SHOs would also maintain liaison with religious leaders and scholars besides ensuring proper traffic arrangements. The Volunteers of processions would not be allowed at any cost to control the traffic.

Under the security plan, the police commandos would be deployed at main procession route, high rise buildings along the route and at Nishtar Park. The minute to minute monitoring of mourning congregations and processions would be done from central Command & Control Centre while a Control Room set up at Nishtar Part would monitor the Nishtar Park and surrounding areas.

The security plan has been presented to Inspector General of Police, Sindh Fayyaz Ahmed Laghari who directed to ensure strict implementation of it.

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