SHC seeks comments on petition filed by NBP

Karachi: The Sindh High Court SHC on Thursday directed secretary ministry of Interior, additional director Federal Investigation Agency FIA and Inspector FIA banking circle to furnish their respective replies on a petition of attorney of National Bank of Pakistan NBP against FIA probe into investment in Euro Bonds.

Headed by Justice Irfan Sadaat Khan, the division bench repeated notice, as originally issued on December 6, 2012, after none of the FIA official filed their comments.

Petitioner, National Bank of Pakistan NBP through its attorney Muhammad Sarwar Shahid submitted that additional director; FIA issued a letter to NBP on August 23, 2012 by which he sought record pertaining to the investment in Euro Bonds specifying period of purchase of Euro Bonds.

He said that NBP was served with another letter on September 6, 2012 by which high officials of the FIA put a lot of pressure on NBP management for obtaining such record. He stated before the court that content of letter posted by the FIA officials is vague as it does not specify the any offence committed by the NBP in schedule under section 31 of Act 1974 federal government may constitute an agency to be called the FIA for inquiry into offences.

He submitted that he investigated the said matter and found that there is no corruption and embezzlement in respect of investment in Euro bonds has been perpetrated by the overseas branches of the NBP.

Citing federation of Pakistan through secretary ministry of Interior, additional director, FIA and Inspector FIA banking circle, he prayed to court declare the letter issued by FIA seeking inquiry into investment in Euro bonds illegal and restrain FIA officials from harassing the executive of bank.

On Thursday, none appeared on behalf of respondents, nor were any comments filed despite issuance of notice. SHC division bench issued notice to respondents as well as deputy attorney general DAG.

The hearing of case was put off till the date to be fixed by the office of the court.

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