Simplicity urged in weddings

Karachi: There is a dire need to introduce a culture of simplicity in wedding ceremonies, as the tradition of costly fanfare of marriage ceremonies have put a lot of low income families in great difficulties to marry off their daughters, urged Usman Farooq general secretary Shabab-e-Milli here Thursday.

He regretted that undue show of spendthrift and wastefulness in wedding ceremonies including heavy dowry and serving of lavish food have become a status of symbol in our society. He said a lot of families due to their limited financial means could not afford these luxuries and they face immense problems to marry off their daughters. He said the late marriages are also creating huge social and moral problems in our shaky society.

He said Islam is against the trends of spendthrift and wastefulness. He said Nikah is a simple religious obligation and it should be made a simple ceremony affordable for all people irrespective of their income and resources. He said millions of people sleep hungry in our country while tons of foods are wasted daily in our marriage halls and hotels. He said if this wasted food is provided to poor people nobody could sleep hungry in Pakistan.

He demanded of the government, media, scholars and opinion makers to advocate for the culture of simple Nikah so that poor families could also manage to marry off their daughters easily.

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