SPLGA repealed as per wishes of Sind’s people: Soomro

KARACHI: Sindh Law Minister Mohammad Ayaz Soomro said on Friday we have repealed the Sindh People’s Local Government Act (SPLGA) 2012 after reviewing the opposition against it by the people of the province.

“Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is a public party, and the legislation made in Sindh Assembly is as per the wishes of people,” he said while talking to media here.

The SPLGA has been withdrawn considering the views of people, scholars, intellectuals and political workers of Sindh, he said. “We did so because we are answerable to people. There is no problem of any one’s victory, defeat or ego in this regard. We are representatives of Sindh, therefore we will do what the people of Sindh want.

He said: “Those who used to blame PPP in a bid to brighten their political strength have dimmed now. These elements have now no slogan to lure people towards them.

“The people of Sindh were with PPP in the past, is with it presently and will remain with it in the future too,” Soomro observed. He said that roots of people are in PPP, so we would never do such a work which would be against the aspirations of the people.

“Sindhi is a national language and will remain the same. We have proved that PPP is the real public force of Sindh by adopting national language resolution,” Soomro concluded.

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