Three polio workers killed

Peshawar: Three polio workers were killed while polio team in Nowshera narrowly escaped when unidentified persons attacked polio teams in different areas of district Peshawar, Charsadda, and Nowshera on Wednesday.

In Charsadda the polio team came under attack at Tarkha area in jurisdiction of Batgram police station.

Unidentified masked men opened fire at supervisor of the anti-polio campaign when she came out of a home after administering polio drops to the children inside. The attackers also shot dead the driver and escaped the scene.

Earlier another polio team in district Charsadda also came under attack but the attackers did not succeed to kill the female workers of the team.

In Peshawar the attackers opened fire at polio workers in Shero Jhanghi area of Charsadda road. Resultantly the polio team member Wisal Khan was seriously injured and shifted to Lady Reading Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

In district Nowshera unknown attackers opened fire at polio team in Behram Kallay near Tauheed Abad of Ghandhiro union council. The polio team took refuge in a house and thus escaped the injuries.

The attackers also threatened to kill the polio teams in Shergarh area of Mardan following the teams were called back from the area and the polio eradication campaigned was suspended before 12 pm Wednesday.

Following the attacks a high level meeting was held in home and tribal affairs department to discuss the strategy for the protection of polio teams in various parts of the province.

On other hand the subsequent attacks on the polio teams triggered a constant fear among the volunteers of polio teams. It is apprehended that without proper security arrangements the participation of volunteers in future polio eradication campaign could be in endangered.

On Tuesday, four female workers were killed in Karachi while a 14yearold worker was killed in Peshawar.

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