Timely elections must for smooth democratic process: Saifullah

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Muslim League Likeminded Salim Saifullah Khan while hailing measures taken by Election Commission of Pakistan ECP for upcoming elections, said on Thursday that transparent, impartial and timely elections is most important for smooth running of democratic process in Pakistan.

In a statement, he highlighted that if tax reforms were implemented in letter and spirit, Rs2000 billion could be added to the national exchequer of Pakistan, which could be utilised for the welfare of Pakistani people.

He urged upon the government to announce election date as soon as possible so as to wash out doubts of not holding elections. He said that situation in Iraq were more critical than Pakistan, but elections were carried out.

He urged that we have lift with no option but the decisions which were being taken by Election Commission of Pakistan, important for its stability. He has cited that Turkey’s financial crisis was more severe than Pakistan, but sincere and patriotic leadership made it second rising economy of Europe after Germany.

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