Traffic rules violations on increase in Sialkot

SIALKOT: The violations of traffic rules and regulations remained on peak in Sialkot district during the month of January, 2013, as the traffic challaned as many as 6093 different vehicles and fined them Rs.2.2 million in Sialkot during the last month.

According to the official statistics, the Sialkot traffic police challaned as many as 109 different vehicles for having no driving licences , 913 vehicles for having no registration documents, 9 vehicles for violating rout permits, 16 unfit vehicles, 972 vehicles were challaned for overloading , 203 for violation of one way traffic, 60 vehicles for using pressure horns, 103 vehicles for violating the traffic signals, 210 vehicles for reckless driving, 59 for over speeding, 217 vehicles for parking into the prohibited areas, 73 vehicles for violating the line and lane, 375 vehicles challaned for wrong parking, 897 vehicles for creating hurdles in smooth flow of traffic, 20 vehicles for having under aged drivers, 187 motorcycle for not having helmets , 401 motorcycles for having more than two persons riding on every motorcycle, 89 vehicles were challaned for use of mobile phones by their drivers while driving, 76 smoke emitting vehicles, 62 vehicles for having no lights and 61 vehicles for using colourful window glasses.

It was worth mentioning that the number of challans in Sialkot district jumped up to a great extant during the last month, as the traffic police in Sialkot kept focusing on challans and traffic police gave a terrific performance in challenging the people for violation of traffic rules.

The violations of the traffic rules and regulations are on peak in Sialkot
district’s all the four Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils and the Sialkot traffic police have allegedly miserably failed to control this larger scale violation of traffic rules.

Sialkot traffic police officials said that the main cause behind this larger scale violation was the shortage of the traffic police personnel in
Sialkot district.

There are only 206 traffic police personnel for Sialkot district’s more than 3.4 million population.

According to the official sources, the Sialkot traffic police have one DSP, 6 inspectors, 13 sub inspectors, 22 assistant sub inspectors, 16 head constables and 148 constables on the official record, as there was a shortage of six traffic police inspectors, 4 sub inspectors, 12 assistant sub inspectors, 18 head constables and 22 constables against the approved official number of the traffic police personnel in Sialkot district.

This miserable situation could reveal the worst traffic rules violations in Sialkot district. Officials of the Sialkot Traffic Police confirmed that more than 0.4 million small and medium sized vehicles of the different kinds were plying on all the small, big and main roads in Sialkot district. They said that the worst situation of rising traffic rules violations cannot be controlled due to the very short number of traffic police personnel in Sialkot district.

It’s worth mentioning that the hours long traffic jams have become a routine matter in Sialkot city, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur and the surrounding areas.

Sialkot-Daska-Gujranwala Road, Sialkot-Sambrial-Wazirabad Road, Sialkot-Pasrur Road, Zafarwal-Kingra Narowal Road and on all the link roads leading to the remote bordering rural ,besides, halting the local trade activities.

The perturbed people have urged the government to look into the mater.

Meanwhile, the Sialkot business community had strongly criticized the alleged poor performance of Sialkot traffic police in this regard. The business community said that traffic mess in Sialkot could speak the volume of the negligence of Sialkot traffic police , as the Sialkot traffic police and Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration TMA still remain unable to rectify all the out of ordered traffic signals.

The SCCI former President Qaisar Ali Shabir said that all the traffic signals had been lying out of ordered in Sialkot city for the last two consecutive years, but no one has ever bothered to rectify them. on the other hand, the people of Sialkot also alleged that the officials of the Sialkot traffic police often found making fake challans of the vehicles, besides, found extorting money by the transporters, drivers and conductors on all the congested areas of Sialkot district.

In Sialkot district, the number of registered vehicles is over 0.2 million. Inspite of these, there are a lot of vehicles present which were registered at Lahore. Along of these, in Sialkot about 125 vehicles daily are being registered. The number of registered animal carts, which were not registered and running on the roads. Daily moving vehicles on the roads, which run during 07:00 a.m. 07:00 p.m., are about 6000. There are 28 link roads and 15 small roads in Sialkot district.

The worst situation of rising traffic rules’ violations cannot be controlled due to the very short number of traffic police personnel. Most vehicles including trucks, public transport vehicles plying on different roads of the area are mechanically and technically faulty, causing road accidents and breakdowns besides, spreading pollution. Motor Vehicles Examiners and relevant agencies had issued fitness certificate to them. It is very alarming that defective vehicles were being passed and issue fitness certificates increasing in environment pollution.

Another issue was removing the broken down vehicles blocking the road. In Sialkot city, the traffic on congested and busy Kutchery Road is often chaotic during school hours, exposing the traffic police’s inefficiency. The road where large number of government and private educational institutions are located witnesses traffic snarls when hundreds of students use it in the morning to attend their classes or at noon to return back to home.

Talking to the newsmen, the students, teachers and general public said that traffic cops paid no heed to regulating the chocked traffic on this road. They called for better planning by traffic police to attend to the problem. Unlawfully, parking of the dozens of the students’ vans alongside the Kutchery Road in the morning and at noon caused hours-long traffic jams in Sialkot city. The Sialkot general Bus Stand needs to be expanded to meet the extra pressure on it. There are several kanals of land adjacent to this bus stand, which are lying vacant and can be used for this purpose. The implementation of the following steps require immediately: The road leading to the Sialkot general Bus Stand should be repaired and widened. The wagon stands should be removed to an alternative site well away from the bus stands to avoid traffic jams, in Sialkot district. Sanitation should be improved.

The stands should be expanded to more than double of its capacity. Streetlights should be improved. The private wagons plying between Daska, Gujranwala, Narowal, Pasrur and Daska for the last many years have certainly helped the travelling public but a great deal needs more to be done by law enforcing agencies.

Overloading is the biggest nuisance to which no attention has been paid so for. Most of the wagons do not display fare charts. The wagon owners, drivers, conductors and passengers are to blame but government agencies especially the traffic police.

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