US Consulate officer addresses HCCI

Hyderabad: Ms. Anupama Prattipati, Political and Economic Chief of US Consulate General Karachi while addressing the members of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry here said that Sindh Province is hub of business activities in Pakistan; therefore, the US Consulate is giving much priority to Hyderabad.

She said that during the year 20112012 seminars were conducted for improvement of health, education and business activities. She further added that USAID is spending millions of dollars on the live stock and agriculture sector projects. Duty free imports from Pakistan are being facilitated in addition to that training is being given to Pakistani businessmen for investment in various sectors.

She added that through the good offices of Governor of Sindh, water filter plant schemes are being launched in Karachi to provide safe drinking water to the people of Karachi.

The Culture and Public Affairs Officer, Kristina Hayworth, said that there was good coordination between American and Pakistani Universities for higher education, the youth from Pakistan are being trained in higher education.

Before this, Gohar Ullah President Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry extended a warm welcome to the honourable guests for sparing time from their busy schedule. He hoped that this visit to Hyderabad will be a source of inspiration for business and industrial community of Hyderabad. He expressed that Pakistan is having long friendly business relations with USA and therefore, the business forums of both countries may enhance their efforts in increasing the bilateral trade relationships.

He further said that Hyderabad was very much lacking in Health, Education and Drinking Water facilities. Although some NGOs are working in Hyderabad but due to nonavailability of sufficient funds they cannot meet the requirement of above facilities to masses.

The USAID Department is funding sufficient amount for various development schemes in Pakistan but such funding should be made through NGOs working in less developed areas including Hyderabad and interior Sindh where the poverty is at the lowest level and they have neither Education nor Health facilities. He therefore, added that USA may grant sufficient funds to NGOs of Hyderabad and interior Sindh for providing the above basic facilities.

Member Executive Committee HCCI Dr. M. Fareed Qasim said that Pakistan is suffering from energy crises. He added that Pakistan was rich in silicon, if the USA can invest in manufacturing of solar cells from silicon, the electric crises could be reduced considerably.

Former Vice President HCCI Ziauddin expressed that USA could train the agriculture trainers who could train the local farmers on modern lines to boost the agriculture production in the country. The Senior Vice President

Turab Ali Khoja in his speech thanked the distinguished guests from US Consulate General Karachi.

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