Water, sewerage system in KIA reviewed

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid visited Korangi Industrial Area to inspect and improve water supply system.

Chief Engineer Bulk, Chief Engineer East, Chief Engineer WTM and other concerned officers were also present on this occasion.

Officers of KW&SB briefing on this occasion informed M.D KW&SB stated that to improve the water supply condition in these areas affective measures must be taken since there is a shortage of supply in some industrial blocks due to the chocked lines. However, lack of funds disables KW&SB to work on these chocked lines and to improve the supply the lines must be cleared.

M.D KW&SB directed Chief Engineers and Officers to take the measures possible. Moreover, he visited Korangi Association of Trade and Industries KATI to discuss the matter with KATI members. He was greeted by Chairman KATI Zubair Chaiya, who he explained the situation as well as the funding constraints.

Chairman KATI Zubair Chaiyya requested M.D KW&SB to provide KATI with the estimate of funds required for the development work so that the funds are approved during the next KATI meeting.

Misbahuddin Farid was visiting the industrial area after a meeting, with KATI Officials S.M. Muneer, Masood Naqvi and Zubair Chaiyya to improve the working relationship between KATI and KW&SB, earlier in the month. During the meeting M.D KW&SB had made it clear to the KATI officials that the association must play its role for the payment of outstanding dues on the Industries of Korangi Industrial Area.

KATI Officials Zubair Chaiyya, Masood Naqvi and S.M. Muneer had assured Misbahuddin Farid that the Association agreed with KW&SB. They accepted the fact that KW&SB is in dire need of financial resources, and is providing exceptional water supply service to the citizens despite limited resources.

They also assured the M.D that they will support KW&SB on the General Sales Tax GST issue pending with National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority NEPRA. Moreover, they would also play their role in acquiring subsidy from Provincial and Federal Governments for the betterment of Water Supply and Sewerage system of the city.

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