Withdrawal of controversial SPLGA people’s victory: JI

KARACHI: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh Dr Merajul Huda Siddiqui on Thursday said the withdrawal of controversial Sindh People’s Local Government Act SPLGA 2012 by the Sindh government through provincial assembly is the victory of people.

He said the constitutional and democratic struggle of masses compelled the government to bow down before the people and foiled a conspiracy hatched to divide people on urban and rural basis. He welcomed the cancellation of controversial local government law and said U-turn of rulers had proved that bill was against the interests of Sindh’s people.

JI leader said: “People of Sindh will reject allied parties if they again try to get sympathy of masses on Urban and rural basis.” He said people were well aware of both parties which had enjoyed five-year tenure, but did nothing good for people.
He said MQM’s parting ways with government seemed the part of a plan that both are trying to rule Sindh again by getting sympathy of people of urban and rural areas.

JI Sindh Ameer further said withdrawal of controversial bill had proved that people wanted one system in entire Sindh and we would never allow anybody to divide people of Sindh through dual local body system. He stressed the need of enforcing unique local government system in entire Sindh which would be acceptable to all.

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