Woes of a lady doctor of Sindh who couldn’t get admission to FCPS Part II anywhere in Pakistan

Naudero, Sindh: A lady doctor who cleared FPCS Part-I in first attempt during June 2012 in Radiology is running from pillar to post to get admission to part II of this rare specialist category but is unable to find a FCPS qualified doctor, which is a must, as such doctor is not available either at Benazir Bhutto Medical University BBMU, Larkana or Liaquat University Hospital, Jamshoro.

She passed MBBS in 2010, completed house job in 2011 at Chandka Hospital. She remained a position holder throughout her school education. Her father, a low paid government servant, is also undergoing mental agony due to his very intelligent daughter as she is still unemployed and all the specialist doctors of Radiology in BBMU & Chandka Medical College CMC are diploma holders DMRD in Radiology.

Dr. Rabel Memon travelled to Lahore to get a job/admission there in Shaikh Zayed Hospital which has now been handed over to Punjab government by the federal government which will enable her to fulfil her ambition FPCS Part II and also appeared in the interview but was denied job & admission as the interviewing doctors told her that they have 22 doctors of Punjab who have applied for this single post and how can they select her belong to Sindh.

According to her, they told that after passing FCPS Part II she will utilize her specialist services in Sindh hence of no use to their own people. They wanted their own doctor of Punjab who will render services there for the benefit of poor people of Punjab, she added.

She also appeared in Shoukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital where she was given a chance but they have no hostel facilities and being a female she was not allowed to stay alone. She further said that she also tried in Civil Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital and Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi but there too she was denied as they choose their own doctors ignoring doctors of interior Sindh.

Her woes do not end here. She told that she received a call from Children Hospital, Lahore, asking her to reach there within 12 hours which was impossible, which gave impression that they do not want her to do part-II there.

Government has established MRI/CT Scanner facilities costing millions of rupees at Liaquat University Hospital, Jamshoro, Peoples Medical College Hospital, Nawabshah and Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana which will be run by senior diploma holder DMRD doctors as there is no FCPS doctor working in these vital healthcare tertiary hospitals. Iranian engineers have completed RF shielding work of MRI at Larkana and are leaving for Nawabshah next week to complete the work there and by the end of March MRI/CT Scan projects will start functioning at these two places which are considered essential for diagnosing head injury patients.

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