Govt doctors in Larkana give preference to private clinics

RATODERO: The Human Rights Cell of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has sent a letter to the Sindh Health Secretary and Vice Chancellor of Benazir Bhutto Medical University Larkana, asking to furnish their comments and his views on the complaint submitted by Inayatullah, a resident of Larkana.

The complaint written in Urdu has not been furnished to media but the sources said it pertained to the non-availability of various senior Professors and head of departments of Surgery, Orthopedics Surgery, Urology, Medicine, Neuro-Surgery and others in their respective Wards.

The complainant has further stated that these Consultants give preference to their private clinics over their government duties due to which poor and needy patients suffer seriously and also undergo extra costs.

According to reliable sources, the complainant further stated that these senior doctors ask patients to come to their clinics for operation or treatment so as to get better facilities, which cannot be afforded by the people coming from far flung and remote areas of various districts.

Accordingly, as many 16 letters (given to PPI) were sent to these Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors which include Asadullah Mahar, Zamir Ahmed Soomro, Abdul Malik Shaikh of Orthopedics Surgery, Hakim Ali Abro of Medicine, Saeed Ahmed Sangi, Muhammad Khalilullah Shaikh, Abdul Majeed Shaikh of Cardiology, Ali Akbar Bhand of Neuro Surgery, Alam Ibrahim Siddiqui of Neurology, Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah, Kanya Lal, Naeem Katper (senior registrar) of Ophthalmology, Majid Ahmed Shaikh of Medicine, Saifullah Jamro, Amanullah Shaikh of Paeds Medicine and Malik Hussain Jalbani of Urology.

According to these sources, all the Consultants have submitted their comments, views and replies denying all the allegations leveled against them. But it is a fact that most of these Consultants are habitual of giving preference to their private medical centers and clinics as they do never visit the Chandka Medical College Hospital on their respective emergency days in evening and night shifts though calls are sent to them from their respective Wards and Casualty when emergency patients arrive including road accident or fire arm injured needing emergency treatment or operations to save their lives. It is also a fact the four Operation Theaters are in new Casualty but not a single case has so far been operated there which shows how much importance is given by the respective senior doctors working under the administrative control of the Principal of Chandka Medical College, Larkana. The LAMA (Left Against Medical Advise) ratio of CMCH is much higher than other Hospitals in Pakistan.

The CMC Hospital authorities have also been complaining to the Principal of Chandka Medical College, requesting him for posting senior Consultants at Casualty to deal with the emergency patients.

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