India to release Pak prisoners soon, Ansar Burney

KARACHI: The United Nations former expert adviser on human rights and former federal minister of Pakistan, Ansar Burney, has announced that authorities in India had assured Ansar Burney Trust International that all Pakistani fishermen and prisoners who had already completed their jail terms in Indian prisons would be released and send back to Pakistan very soon.

He said India was going to release soon all such Pakistani prisoners who had completed their prison sentences long time ago as well all Pakistani fishermen on humanitarian grounds and in the greater interest of ‘Aman ki Aasha.’

Ansar Burney said in this regard recently, he visited New Delhi and Islamabad, and urged India and Pakistan to release all such Pakistani, Indian and all other foreign prisoners who had already completed their prison terms since long time ago in India and Pakistan.

Ansar Burney said that even a single day jail after completion of sentence granted from courts to prisoners is a serious violence of human rights, contempt of court and murder of justice and humanity but it was shamelessly happening every day in Indian and Pakistani prisons.

He said that non-release of such prisoners who had completed their sentences granted to them by the courts either they were national or foreigners was a serious violation of justice, Constitution and law of the land as well crime against humanity.

Ansar Burney said that hundreds of Pakistani prisoners and Fishermen were waiting to be released from Indian prisons and same situation was in Pakistan where Indians were waiting to be released even after completion of their sentences long time ago and because of such injustices most of them were now becoming mentally ill and TB patients.

He said that recently he visited New Delhi and meet high officials of Indian government with a kind request for the release of all such prisoners from Indian jails.

He said that Ansar Burney Trust was ready to bear all such expenses for the early release and rehabilitation of Pakistani prisoners from Indian jails and Indian prisoners from Pakistani jails. He said in this regard the Ansar Burney Trust International could be contacted at Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road, Karachi, Phone; (021) 32623382 – 83. Ansar Burney said he himself along with Vice Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust, Syed Fahad Burney, are going to meet Foreign Minister, Interior Minister and all other high officials in India to humbly request them to release all such foreign prisoners who had already completed their prisons terms in India without any further delay.

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