Bar: (SCBA visits Peshawar, hails lifting of moratorium on execution of death penalty)

ISLAMABAD: The Executive Committee of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) headed byits President Fazal-e-Haq Abbasi visited Peshawar High Court Bar Association on Thursday.

The President and the Executive Committee strongly condemned the barbaric attack in Peshawar which claimed over 130 lives and injured more than 120 people.

The members of the Executive Committee while expressing solidarity with the families of the deceased children and especially children of lawyers said that people who are involved in such cowardly acts are in fact the biggest enemies of Islam and Muslims.

They said no words can express the ignominy of such an act against innocent children. The members of SCBAP visited some of the families of martyr children including the CMH Hospital and assured them of the continuous support to all of them.

Prayers were made for early recovery of the injured and fatiha was offered for shuhida, bookeys were presented to the children admitted in the hospital.

They said that SCBA stands with the people of Pakistan in this turbulent times and appreciate the approval for abolishment of the moratorium on the execution of death penalty by the government.

They said the lifting of moratorium should not only be applicable to the terrorism cases but to the other criminals as well who have been awarded death sentence by the courts.

They said it is an Islamic punishment and all the punishments prescribed in Quran are by Allah and they cannot be ended, adding that some of the International NGOs working in Pakistan have worked aggressively to promote abolition on the death penalty, which is against the teachings of Islam and ‘we condemn and oppose their agenda which is resulting in increasing terrorism in the country.

At the end, it was expressed that rule of law is an essential institutional pillar of any mature democracy and when it’s there in the society it provides a formidable barricade against terrorism.

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