Business: Kinnow export likely to increase up to $500mn by 2017: Ahmad Jawad

Islamabad: The kinnow export will likely to increase up to $500million by 2017 after the assistance of Trade Related Technical Assistance programme. Senior member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Horticulture expert, Ahmad Jawad had stated this while addressing a seminar.

He said that TRTA II programme funded by European Union has developed the Code of Practices in the Kinnow and the Mango sectors along entire supply chain from farm to export destinations by processor exporter. In the last kinnow season TRTA II monitored the preparation of more than 15 consignments.

He said that codes of practices developed under the TRTA II programme ensure the quality and safety of fruit along the entire supply chain. Unfortunately in the last few years, country had regularly lost and regained some export markets because it could not ensure quality of the produce.

If we look our figures in the European market, Pakistani citrus has an insignificant 0.09pc share. In the sub-category of mandarins and clementines, Pakistan has a market share of 0.04pc. As a table fruit, Pakistani Kinnow’s availability in the European market is irregular, he added.

However due to non compliance Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) parameters ,Yellow cards have already been shown to Pakistani exporters for non-compliance, which may ultimately result in a red card, resulting in a complete ban on kinnow and mango exports to EU countries.

Jawad urged that its time government, private sector and all stakeholders need to join hands and work collectively to address the challenges confronted by the horticulture sector of Pakistan, particularly two of its most important export-oriented products, kinnow and mango.

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