Business: Pakistani mango has capability to fulfil gap at EU: Jawad

Islamabad: Pakistani mango has capability to fulfil the gap at EU countries in the absence of Indian product.

On the recent ban of Indian mangoes to EU countries, Pakistani mango exporters need to up their game and pounce on this opportunity to expand their business said Harvest Trading Director and horticulture expert, Ahmad Jawad in a press statement.

I think it’s the right time for our exporters to tap our product into high value markets so that mango lovers may not feel any shortfall in the markets, especially for EU where we already awarded GSP plus status, he added.

He said that EU-wide ban on mangoes from India has come into force which might be lifted soon, halting imports into the UK potentially until December 2015 probably. The UK imports around £6.3m worth of Indian mangoes per year out of a UK mango market worth £68m in total. The Non-European food pests were found in 207 shipments of fruit and vegetables in 2013.

However in our shipments, Ahmad Jawad suggested the government and its allied departments may strict monitoring of mango exports this year so that we may grab the EU and UK market in a better way and permission granted to only those exporters who are ready to comply with the set Protocols for the EU. It must also be ensured that mangoes will be procured from orchards which are better managed and in this connection following guidelines.

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