Ex-servicemen perturbed over unwarranted media bashing of security institutions

Islamabad: The Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) Executive Committee held an emergency meeting under the chair of Lt Gen (retd) Hamid Gul Tuesday to take stock of the situation emerging out of the sad incident in Karachi on April 19, 2014 in which one of the leading Geo anchors was shot and seriously wounded.

The Committee condemned the dastardly attack and prayed for speedy recuperation of Hamid Mir.

The Committee took note of the motivated and slanderous media campaign of Geo TV channel on April 19, 2014, focused entirely against the Army in general and the ISI in particular. What was disturbing was the naming of DG ISI and flashing his photo on the news channel holding him responsible for the attack.

Ironically, the media onslaught began within hours of the incident when even on-spot inspection of site and preliminary investigation had not been carried out and FIR was not registered. Interestingly, all the participants of the Geo program took into account the single option and targeted the ISI only and none else.

The media trial went on for eight long hours and it seemed as if the special program had been stage-managed to tarnish the image of the ISI, and create a gulf between the armed forces and the people in general and the government and defence establishment in particular.

Let it be known that the ISI acts as the first line of defence for the Army and the two organizations have rendered huge sacrifices in the defence of the motherland stretching from the peaks of Siachin in the north to the deserts of Sindh and Balochistan in the south. The ISI stands as a guard against inimical forces hell-bent to destroy Pakistan and zealously protects national interests.

Pakistan is in a state of war since 2002. The invisible hand of sabotage and subversion has caused incalculable damage to the fabric of the country. The agents of subversion are busy weakening the country and poisoning the minds of the people under a well-defined foreign agenda. Segment of media is playing into the hands of adversaries of Pakistan and adding fuel to fire by creating misgivings and misperceptions and spoiling civil–military relations. Under such stressful conditions when the very existence of the country is being threatened by external focus, the nation can ill-afford to put armed forces under greater stress and strain through an orchestrated media campaign.

Well over 2.5 million Ex-Servicemen feel highly perturbed over the unwanted and unwarranted media bashing of the Army and ISI. Conscious of their hurt sentiments, mounting despondency and resentment, PESS Executive Committee urges all parties concerned to maintain their cool and avoid jumping the gun and drawing hasty conclusions. It is of the view that high emotions should be kept in check till the high powered judicial commission established by the government comes out with its findings.

PESS demands that PEMRA should perform its duty of checking yellow journalism directed at Pakistan’s premier institutions. Media houses should also play a constructive role in bridging the divides within the society and promoting harmony between the state institutions.

Lt Gen (Retd) Hamid Gul President PESS and PESA stand together shoulder to shoulder on all issues related to the defence of Pakistan and dignity, honour and unity of our defence establishments. They jointly endorse the stance taken on the negativity of section of media.

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