Islamabad: All the provincial governments and the federation are committed to eradicate illiteracy and for this purpose they have shown resolve to spend more on education and have pledged to allocate more Budgets for education in the forthcoming annual budget.

The world community is also satisfied from the efforts which Pakistan is making for the cause of education, the Minister for education told this to his South African counterpart Miss Fatima Chohan, Deputy Home minister who called on him.

Both the leaders expressed satisfaction that democracy is taking roots in Pakistan. The Minister expressed certain problems which Pakistan is facing especially the girls education and the overall quality of education.

The Minister told the Deputy Home Minister that Pakistan has huge diversity in terms of geography and demography. Some areas are highly developed, both public and private sectors are doing very well in the field of education.

Due to multiple reasons major portion of our population is not getting quality education. He further said that we are planning to enhance the education budget up to four percent of the gross domestic product which is currently around two percent.

The Minister further told her that the problems are paramount which we inherited when democratic transition took place.

While talking about gender representation in the school he told the deputy home minister South Africa, that at the entry level there is gap of about 10 percent, as more boys get admission than girls. But when they graduate the girls outnumber the boys.

Miss Fatima Chohan told that they have the same phenomenon of less girls at entry level but more at the graduation level in South Africa.

The Minister said that his country is facing a complex problem of terrorism which has long history right from the Russian invasion in Afghanistan and resulting of civil war.

The people who were trained to fight were left unattended after Russian withdrawal. To end violence we have initiated dialogue with the Taliban for which the things are not easy but we have seen enough bloodshed and bomb blasts.

Although it is very challenging but our government wholeheartedly wants to make peaceful solution of the problem.

Both the leaders discussed the parliamentary functioning and its composition of both the countries. They also discussed the functioning of the standing committees and their powers. The Minister presented souvenirs to Miss Fatima Chohan towards the end of the meeting.

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