FO: (No presence of Daesh in Pakistan: FO)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has categorically stated that there is no footprint of Daesh on its soil. At his weekly news briefing here on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said the country is fully aware of the threat posed by the outfit and the security forces are alert to it.

He said our military and security forces have also made it clear that the shadow of Daesh will not be tolerated on its land. He said Pakistan is cooperating with the international community in combating terrorism. We support a coordinated approach against terrorism for complete eradication of the menace.

About the Paris attacks, Qazi Khalilullah said Pakistan condemned the attacks at different levels and the prime minister and the advisor on foreign affairs also visited the French embassy to record their condolence.

When asked about the rise of Islamophobia following the Paris attacks, the spokesperson said terrorism cannot be associated with any religion.

To a question, the spokesperson urged the international community not to pursue discriminatory policy on nuclear issue in South Asia saying this will have impact on the strategic stability of the region.

He termed the New York Times editorial on country’s nuclear arsenals as mistaken and based on prejudice. He said the editorial attempted to portray Pakistan as a country irresponsibly building the nuclear arsenals.