FO: (Over 400 Pakistanis evacuated from Hudaydah: FO)

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has said that more than 400 Pakistanis have been evacuated from Al-Hudaydah city of Yemen by a PIA flight.

In a twitter message on Sunday, she said no further evacuation is as yet required from Al-Hudaydah city.

She said fighting is going on in Eden city where 150 to 200 people are stranded. She said the Aden Airport is not accessible, but the city’s port is free.

She said our navy ship is on its way to Aden and we are also contacted Chinese officials there to seek their help in the evacuation.

The Spokesperson said in Moqalla city, the situation is peaceful where 150 to 250 persons are stranded. She said the government is trying to ascertain how many people want to be evacuated from nearby airport Riyan or Ghaidah.

The Spokesperson said 150 Pakistanis will travel to Moqallaa from Eden by road to join 100 there. She said plane will go to Moqallaa on Tuesday to bring Moqallaa and Eden evacuees.

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