FPCCI: (Presidential candidate for FPCCI welcomes establishing of TIC in Commerce ministry)

ISLAMABAD: Mian Mohammad Adrees, Presidential Candidate for Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Thursday welcomed establishing of Treaty Implementation Cell (TIC) in the Ministry of Commerce and hoped that withdrawal of moratorium on capital punishment will be no problem for Pakistan.

In a statement, he said that GSP Plus is a big facility to Pakistani exporters to make duty free exports to the EU countries but, at the same time, it was linked with implementation of 27 different Conventions, treaties and Protocols.

He expressed satisfaction for increase in exports to EU during the year but said that Pakistan could not harvest its benefits fully due to the after-shocks of war- on- terror.

He said that Pakistan as a country, was financially starved and facing multi-facet problems including energy crisis. Increase in cost of doing business had plagued domestic industrial sector.

However, the recent measures slashing cost of energy and petroleum products will have positive impact on the revival of industrial sector which will not only help Pakistan to increase its exports but also create new jobs to unemployed youth in addition to earning precious foreign exchange and generating much needed revenue for the national exchequer.

Regarding compliance of international treaties he said that large exporters are already conscious of their international obligations and are fulfilling their required conditionalities but, on the other hand, the SMEs are handicapped because of their limited international resources.

He said that a comprehensive and result-oriented policy should be evolved for the SME sector started from awareness to all the contents and leading upto facilitation to fulfil the environment and other related international commitments.

He said without active support of the government, they cannot meet the required standards, thus government in collaboration with foreign donor agencies should launch programs for the SME sector.

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