Free media imperative for democratic society

Islamabad: “For a democratic society to sustain, its media needs to be free, unbiased, positive, objective and transparent in its role. Every journalist should have the curiosity to fulfil his or her responsibilities in all circumstances. Relative to other countries, it is a lot more difficult for journalists in Pakistan to fulfil their responsibilities and it becomes all the more important for them to remain cautious while discharging their duties.”

These views were expressed by the US Broadcast women journalists, Linda Roth and Terry Anzur, during an interactive session organized by the US Consulate General Karachi for the students of Institute of Communication and Media Studies (ICMS), Ziauddin University on the topic of “The Image of the Journalist in Pakistan and the world.”

Terry Anzur is a journalism trainer with experience of about 30 years in the field of multimedia journalism, whereas, Linda Roth has worked in Cable News Network (CNN) as a news producer and as an international news correspondent.

While highlighting the basic foundations of journalism, the journalists stated that the prosperity of democracy is not possible without free media.

They were firm in their stance to support the free press and media and instructed the students present that before reaching any conclusion, it is crucial to substantiate any piece of news from its source as this forms the very basis of true journalism. It is crucial for a journalist to ensure the authenticity and respect the ethics of the news that is delivered to the public.

Both journalists shared their insight on the evolution of broadcast media in the United States. Their background and work experience in the field of journalism allowed them to provide a unique insight kept the students of ICMS engaged.

On this occasion, the female broadcast journalists also shared experiences from their professional lives with the students.

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