ISPR: (Pak Army has cleared over 4300 Square km area in North Waziristan)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army has cleared 640 Square Kilometers of Shawal area in North Waziristan Agency and restored writ of the government in all areas especially in remote pockets of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

According to ISPR, major terrorist hubs of Mana, Gurbaz, Lataka, Inzarkas and Magrotai have been cleared of terrorists. The battle to clear last pocket close to Pak-Afghan border continues.

Security forces have also cleared 4304 square kilometers of area in North Waziristan Agency. Over nine thousand feet all heights have been cleared terrorists Marakaz destroyed and huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered.

The statement said Army troops have made 150 KM of tracks in most treacherous terrain while fighting this war. During last phase of operation in Shawal, 252 terrorists have been killed reportedly 160 were severely injured.

In the last two months, eight soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced Shahadat while thirty nine are injured in Shawal. Meanwhile, 37012 families have repatriated to their homes while ninety four development projects have been completed in North Waziristan Agency.