Minister: (Rashid urges collective efforts to eliminate extremism)

ISLAMABAD:Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid on Monday said that no system can deliver better than democracy as the election process, ballot-paper and vote are the best sources of accountability.

I an interview, he said the absence of democracy in the country gave birth to terrorism, extremism, energy crisis and bad governance. He said the government has achieved tremendous success in curbing terrorist infrastructure over the past two years.

However, he said extermination of extremist mind-set from society is as important as the elimination of terrorism and terrorist infrastructure.

He urged the schools, seminaries, radio, television and print media to work together so that extremism could be eliminated from society.

About the Karachi situation, Pervez Rashid said the masses, industrialists, traders and the civil society are witness to the fact that crime rate has fallen conspicuously in the city and law and order situation improved significantly as compared with the situation in 2013.

He said Operation Zarb-e-Azb will continue till complete elimination of terrorism and terrorist organizations from the country.

He said the Prime Minister has set up a committee under Advisor on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to work for bringing reforms in FATA.

He said Indian government must understand the fact that peace is as important for India as for Pakistan. He said that India must learn from the past wars if it desires peace in the region.